College Cram: 25 Bizarre College Scholarships

College Cram: 25 Bizarre College ScholarshipsWe read lots of articles on preparing for college every week and most of them parrot the same information. Now and then you find a valuable nugget of information that’s rarely discussed. We found several nuggets this week. Find out what college costs you’re probably overlooking, where to find scholarship money that usually goes unclaimed and how one college is requiring students to have a financial plan before they’re certified to receive financial aid.

College Costs: Tuition is Just the Beginning

It’s a fact. There are lots of small expenses that eat up your cash beyond college tuition. Travel expenses and the cost of materials for course projects are just a few of the hidden costs.

Financial Checklist for New College Grads

Some financial things to keep in mind now that you finally got that degree.

6 Top Tips for Finding College Aid

More tips to help you to get the most financial aid possible.

25 Bizarre College Scholarships

If you and your date wear duct tape to your prom you could win scholarship cash prizes up to $5,000! Think that’s strange? Check out what else is on the list.

No repayment Plan? No Student Loan – Fail a test

Read about a college that requires students to complete personal budget worksheets before they’ll be certified for eligibility for federal loans. It could lower student loan debt if other schools followed suit.

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