College Cram: 6 Roommate Nightmares and How to Solve them

College Cram: 6 Roommate Nightmares and How to Solve ThemI once had a roommate who snored louder than a cement mixer. But she paid her share of the bills on time, which turned out to be more important than a good nights sleep. Read how resolving roommate conflicts can save money, what college students should know about insurance and why some adult students are rethinking their decision to return to college.

Hidden College Costs

Tuition, room and board and books are just the beginning. Get ready for lots of other expenses you may not think of.

6 Roommate Nightmares and How to Solve Them

Having a roommate is like being married. It can cost you big time if you make the wrong choice.

Insurance Options for College Students

Students never think of insurance. If they lost everything, the parent fairy would replace it. Time to teach them the truth.

3 Challenges Facing Adults Going Back to School

Unemployed adults are packing classrooms to learn new skills. But a lack of confidence in their learning abilities has many thinking twice.

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